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Lace Basket
Posted by: Nita Date Posted: Jan 11, 2014
Description:Free Standing Lace Basket

By Nita O'Keefe

Free Standing Lace Heart Basket

This beautiful little heart basket is Free-Standing Lace and it is all done with the 4x4 hoop. Makes a nice size basket that is just lovely.

Consists of 3 pieces. Side, bottom and handle.

Stitch on Water Soluble Stabilizer; such as Floriani Wet-N-Gone and then tack pieces together with a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine. You can also tack together by hand if you like.

Stitch 4 sides, 2 handle pieces and 1 bottom.

Match bottom of sides to the bottom of basket and stitch, then stitch the sides together.

Stitch the 2 pieces of the handle together in the center and then tack to basket.

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